The I Don’t Like Mondays Post

I’m starting to understand why people don’t like Mondays.  I used to hate Mondays
in high school, then I started working and had this weird schedule where my
weekends would be whenever.  Right now I have a Monday to Saturday schedule, it’s
brutal, but I like being busy and I’m dealing with it.
I can’t believe how fast last week flew by.

Saturday was lab day for school.  I poked at cardboard and my fake arm, Tom with
a  needle.  Unfortunately I ran out of time to poke a real person, next time.
I learned that tying a tourniquet is harder than it looks, so I will be practicing that a
whole bunch.
I talked to people, more than one people.  Shocking, isn’t it?  But I ate lunch alone,
next time I’ll bring a book because playing Plants vs Zombies for forty minutes is a
bit excessive.

It was a warm weekend but I noticed the leaves changing,  Fall is coming and I have
the first day of Fall off 🙂
After school I made the mistake of wandering over to h&m.
I picked up a couple of blouses, a sweater I’ve worn for two days in a row and a
boring hoody (everyone should own at least one).

This week will be another busy one, but today is my easy day.  I only work four hours,
then I will get some exercise in and maybe play student for awhile and study at
Starbucks.  Oh and of course clean and decorate my room for Fall.  I bought some
new candles, garland and a pumpkin yesterday, all on sale at Michaels.  It was the
best day.  Boyfriend’s mom and I both have a deep love for Fall so we decided to go to
some of our favorite stores and shop for Fall decorations.

I am in full Autumn mode right down to comfort food and cozy sweaters even though it’s going to be a hot week.
Have a lovely week! And if it’s cool and crisp where you are, I am jealous.