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New Year’s Eve Curse

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I just don’t.

I prefer to call them goals!

Mostly, I just want to save money (stop online shopping!) and graduate college (3 months to go!)


What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I have a New Year’s Eve curse.

Maybe that’s because I watch The O.C. episode “The Countdown” every year?  Who knows.

I am currently watching that episode right now.

Past New Year’s Eves have consisted of a bad, smokey, old people party then watching Team America AND THEN going home all dressed up and watching The O.C. all alone, missing midnight while at the movie theater, celebrating the new year at Tim Horton’s, missing my chance at a kiss the first time I ever went out (I drove the guy home at 11:30pm, how lame), watching meerkats on tv (which was a little bit awesome), last year was better but I slept on a hard floor.


This year isn’t much better.

This is me right now:Image


The Scare

I can’t believe how long it’s been!

Time is flying by, only 24 more days until Christmas.  Only 30 days left of this year!

I’ve done two full practicum days aka taking blood from strangers. Terrifying? Yes.  Awesome? Also yes.

So there’s that.

I’ve been feeling off the last few days, I blamed it on weaning myself off my anxiety meds, but then someone at work asked if I’m a coffee drinker and it clicked!  I haven’t had coffee since Wednesday.


Me.  Caffeine addict.  No coffee.

How could this happen?

I raced upstairs to the break room, glanced at the gross instant coffee and instead divulged in two cups of green tea.

It helped, but tomorrow will be different.


The Busy Girl Post


This week feels like a break for me.  No exam to study for on Saturday, my work week is almost over…it’s just the best 🙂

Last week was nuts I had an exam to study for and a practical skills test to stress about and Boyfriend’s birthday to celebrate!

Besides school, work and sleep, I don’t do a whole lot anymore.

I sure do eat my weight in Halloween candy though, which is so unlike me (seriously.)

I browse the internet, watch Gilmore Girls, drink coffee and that’s about it.

I have a goal to start running again this week.  Good thing it’s only Tuesday.

The October Update

Has it really been a whole month since my last post?

Time is flying by, I am almost two months into school which means in five months I will be doing practicum.

I am averaging mostly B’s on my tests, with a few A’s sneaking in there.

I have taken venous blood successfully seven times and done three finger pokes.

Finger pokes.

Those things hurt.  To me it’s like slamming your finger in a door and then later when you start tapping your fingers or hitting the turn single using that finger it hurts.  Some people’s fingers bruised, mine were small bruises but they hurt and I still have scarring from two weeks ago.

I have now been to the hospital to shadow and I will just say that it was super cool and it felt like having a backstage pass.

Today I go to a private lab and I am nervous.

So last weekend was Thanksgiving and it was wonderful.

I finally got days off with Boyfriend and I got to see all my family and just relax and sleep in (finally!)

Plus I got to eat tons of turkey and desserts.  I want to marry sticky toffee pudding.

That’s life lately.

School, work, hospital, lab, study, sleep.


How are you?

The Procrastinator

Things I am doing instead of studying at 8am:
-Drinking coffee
-Looking at pictures of pumpkins, leaves and all things Fall
-Buying boots (again)
-Thinking about how I should limit my spending more and thinking of hiding my debit and credit card on myself
-Watching Gilmore Girls [It’s the one where Rory skips school to visit Jess)
-Justifying that I am too tired to bother studying
-Thinking about how I would rather sleep than work today
-Writing this list


-And taking pictures in my new college sweater (I am a college girl!! Even if it is part-time, I am excited!)

The First Draw



My drive to school the other day.  Fog everywhere, I loved it!

I don’t care if it’s not September 22nd (which is the official first day of Fall) it’s Fall here.

How can I tell you ask?

The air is crisp, Boyfriend’s hands are cold, there are crows everywhere and at school I saw acorns on the ground.  Acorns.  At least I think they were acorns.

I don’t even have acorns at my house, just crows who like to throw nuts at me.  Seriously, every year around this time I start decorating for Fall and while I am getting stuff out of the trunk the crows decide it’s a good time to eat and start flying high and dropping nuts to the ground.  I’ve almost been hit quite a few times now.

I have exciting news!

(Insert drum roll here)

I did my first blood draw on the weekend!  And then I did it two more times.It’s so weird to get an adrenaline rush from sticking someone with a needle and sucking out their blood.  But in turn I got poked 4-5 times, I lost count.  I am quite excited that I chose this as a career, who would’ve thought?

I used to be terrified of needles.

I remember when I was about twelve years old and driving through East Hastings in Vancouver and seeing a guy shoot up in the middle of the street, I asked my mom to lock the doors, I ducked down in my seat and cried.  I decided in that moment I would never touch a needle, never do drugs and that I hated Vancouver.

A lot has changed except that I don’t do drugs and I still never will.  I now have chose a career that involves needles, but clean ones and for a different purpose and I love Vancouver.  While I would never live there, it’s fun to visit and feel like a city girl.


Conclusion: I’m seriously considering being a vampire nurse for Halloween.

The Big Decision

Never have I needed a coffee with an extra shot of espresso more than I do right now.
I will probably say the same thing tomorrow when I’m up at 5am.
So here I am, 8:02 am deciding whether I should make my second Starbucks run today or save it for tomorrow.
I feel like I should be making a pro/con list, but considering I have to work today I’m thinking that extra shot is for today.

But then I also start to think about how I want to be known as the Saturday morning Starbucks girl who wears scrubs at the Starbucks I go to.

Decisions, decisions.

I have made my limit as having coffee out only three times a week.  I have only had it once this week BUT here’s my dilemma.  I’m going to want coffee after school tomorrow.  So do I have two coffees out tomorrow or one today, one tomorrow and then wait until I get home (from my two hour drive) and make a pot.
First world problems, they really bog you down.

Conclusion: Get ready for work now and go have a strong coffee.  Decision made, I’m not backing out.

The Day I Met Kat

I met an inspiring woman yesterday.  Her name is Kat and she made me think about some things and after we talked I had a different perspective.  It’s a perspective I thought I had already, but clearly I was wrong.


Kat is probably in her fifties but when I met her I thought she was probably early forties with her skunk dyed hair, sleeve tattoos and fiery personality.

She told me how she’s been to over twenty countries, got mugged in one of them and it ended up being one of her best experiences.  She volunteers abroad every year and usually works only nine months out of the year.

When we were walking over the bridge and she was telling me all of this I all of a sudden remember I wanted to travel.  I had big dreams to travel all over Europe at one point.  I was dying to get off this island and explore outside of my bubble.

I have yet to do this.


“You don’t live to work, you work to live,” she said.


You shouldn’t stress over your work, it shouldn’t be a job.  You should at least like what you do, have some sort of passion for it.  In your free time live.  Do exciting things or do boring things.  Just do something with your time here on Earth.

So needless to say, I have been thinking about this a lot.

I am going to school right now so there’s no room to budge.

As for work, it’s a job.  But it’s not a job that will last forever, it’s getting me by right now.

I intend on working to afford life at first.  Once I am comfortable and have a house (which I would like to build one day) then I will travel.  It doesn’t matter if I’m older, I will still see the world.  I will just do it when my finances and life are comfortable and not at this limbo stage.


I only talked to Kat for an hour, but that hour changed a lot.

The I Don’t Like Mondays Post

I’m starting to understand why people don’t like Mondays.  I used to hate Mondays
in high school, then I started working and had this weird schedule where my
weekends would be whenever.  Right now I have a Monday to Saturday schedule, it’s
brutal, but I like being busy and I’m dealing with it.
I can’t believe how fast last week flew by.

Saturday was lab day for school.  I poked at cardboard and my fake arm, Tom with
a  needle.  Unfortunately I ran out of time to poke a real person, next time.
I learned that tying a tourniquet is harder than it looks, so I will be practicing that a
whole bunch.
I talked to people, more than one people.  Shocking, isn’t it?  But I ate lunch alone,
next time I’ll bring a book because playing Plants vs Zombies for forty minutes is a
bit excessive.

It was a warm weekend but I noticed the leaves changing,  Fall is coming and I have
the first day of Fall off 🙂
After school I made the mistake of wandering over to h&m.
I picked up a couple of blouses, a sweater I’ve worn for two days in a row and a
boring hoody (everyone should own at least one).

This week will be another busy one, but today is my easy day.  I only work four hours,
then I will get some exercise in and maybe play student for awhile and study at
Starbucks.  Oh and of course clean and decorate my room for Fall.  I bought some
new candles, garland and a pumpkin yesterday, all on sale at Michaels.  It was the
best day.  Boyfriend’s mom and I both have a deep love for Fall so we decided to go to
some of our favorite stores and shop for Fall decorations.

I am in full Autumn mode right down to comfort food and cozy sweaters even though it’s going to be a hot week.
Have a lovely week! And if it’s cool and crisp where you are, I am jealous.

The First Day of School

“Want me to walk you in?” my Mom asks me when she drops me off at college.

“Uhhhhh,” I hesitate as I don’t want to hurt her feelings but at the same time I am twenty five and can do this. “No, that’s okay.  I have a map…”  I shut the car door and walk away with my polka dot backpack on my back.

It was like I was going to kindergarten, where my Mom waited in line with me to head inside.  I can remember the picture so clearly, my friend Morgan was behind me and I think a boy named Erin in front of me. 

We laughed about it later when she picked me up with Reese cups as a treat.


As for the actual school part?  My social anxiety was high, but I felt smart walking on campus with a backpack and having a purpose to be there.

When I walked into the class it was full and I could feel all eyes on me, so I quickly took a spot in the middle and tried to kill the redness in my face.


I never went to an information session so it was all new to me, but I did my research before registering.  Luckily it still sounds interesting to me, I just think it’s going to be a lot of a work and judging by my past study habits, I’m going to need to step up my game.


I guess it’s time to gulp down this last cup of coffee and get dressed for work.

Have a happy hump day!