The October Update

Has it really been a whole month since my last post?

Time is flying by, I am almost two months into school which means in five months I will be doing practicum.

I am averaging mostly B’s on my tests, with a few A’s sneaking in there.

I have taken venous blood successfully seven times and done three finger pokes.

Finger pokes.

Those things hurt.  To me it’s like slamming your finger in a door and then later when you start tapping your fingers or hitting the turn single using that finger it hurts.  Some people’s fingers bruised, mine were small bruises but they hurt and I still have scarring from two weeks ago.

I have now been to the hospital to shadow and I will just say that it was super cool and it felt like having a backstage pass.

Today I go to a private lab and I am nervous.

So last weekend was Thanksgiving and it was wonderful.

I finally got days off with Boyfriend and I got to see all my family and just relax and sleep in (finally!)

Plus I got to eat tons of turkey and desserts.  I want to marry sticky toffee pudding.

That’s life lately.

School, work, hospital, lab, study, sleep.


How are you?