The First Draw

by thequietbrunette



My drive to school the other day.  Fog everywhere, I loved it!

I don’t care if it’s not September 22nd (which is the official first day of Fall) it’s Fall here.

How can I tell you ask?

The air is crisp, Boyfriend’s hands are cold, there are crows everywhere and at school I saw acorns on the ground.  Acorns.  At least I think they were acorns.

I don’t even have acorns at my house, just crows who like to throw nuts at me.  Seriously, every year around this time I start decorating for Fall and while I am getting stuff out of the trunk the crows decide it’s a good time to eat and start flying high and dropping nuts to the ground.  I’ve almost been hit quite a few times now.

I have exciting news!

(Insert drum roll here)

I did my first blood draw on the weekend!  And then I did it two more times.It’s so weird to get an adrenaline rush from sticking someone with a needle and sucking out their blood.  But in turn I got poked 4-5 times, I lost count.  I am quite excited that I chose this as a career, who would’ve thought?

I used to be terrified of needles.

I remember when I was about twelve years old and driving through East Hastings in Vancouver and seeing a guy shoot up in the middle of the street, I asked my mom to lock the doors, I ducked down in my seat and cried.  I decided in that moment I would never touch a needle, never do drugs and that I hated Vancouver.

A lot has changed except that I don’t do drugs and I still never will.  I now have chose a career that involves needles, but clean ones and for a different purpose and I love Vancouver.  While I would never live there, it’s fun to visit and feel like a city girl.


Conclusion: I’m seriously considering being a vampire nurse for Halloween.