The Big Decision

by thequietbrunette

Never have I needed a coffee with an extra shot of espresso more than I do right now.
I will probably say the same thing tomorrow when I’m up at 5am.
So here I am, 8:02 am deciding whether I should make my second Starbucks run today or save it for tomorrow.
I feel like I should be making a pro/con list, but considering I have to work today I’m thinking that extra shot is for today.

But then I also start to think about how I want to be known as the Saturday morning Starbucks girl who wears scrubs at the Starbucks I go to.

Decisions, decisions.

I have made my limit as having coffee out only three times a week.  I have only had it once this week BUT here’s my dilemma.  I’m going to want coffee after school tomorrow.  So do I have two coffees out tomorrow or one today, one tomorrow and then wait until I get home (from my two hour drive) and make a pot.
First world problems, they really bog you down.

Conclusion: Get ready for work now and go have a strong coffee.  Decision made, I’m not backing out.