The Day I Met Kat

by thequietbrunette

I met an inspiring woman yesterday.  Her name is Kat and she made me think about some things and after we talked I had a different perspective.  It’s a perspective I thought I had already, but clearly I was wrong.


Kat is probably in her fifties but when I met her I thought she was probably early forties with her skunk dyed hair, sleeve tattoos and fiery personality.

She told me how she’s been to over twenty countries, got mugged in one of them and it ended up being one of her best experiences.  She volunteers abroad every year and usually works only nine months out of the year.

When we were walking over the bridge and she was telling me all of this I all of a sudden remember I wanted to travel.  I had big dreams to travel all over Europe at one point.  I was dying to get off this island and explore outside of my bubble.

I have yet to do this.


“You don’t live to work, you work to live,” she said.


You shouldn’t stress over your work, it shouldn’t be a job.  You should at least like what you do, have some sort of passion for it.  In your free time live.  Do exciting things or do boring things.  Just do something with your time here on Earth.

So needless to say, I have been thinking about this a lot.

I am going to school right now so there’s no room to budge.

As for work, it’s a job.  But it’s not a job that will last forever, it’s getting me by right now.

I intend on working to afford life at first.  Once I am comfortable and have a house (which I would like to build one day) then I will travel.  It doesn’t matter if I’m older, I will still see the world.  I will just do it when my finances and life are comfortable and not at this limbo stage.


I only talked to Kat for an hour, but that hour changed a lot.