The Long Weekend

by thequietbrunette

Pumpkin muffins pumpkin pie two days in row, it’s September.
Not far off is Fall.
I love Fall.  The weather here has been foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and chilly
nights.  The air is smokey and wonderful.  I am in love with this time of year; the
Summer to Fall transition.
This is my day before my life as a student begins.
This past weekend has been a fantastic weekend consisting of pie, brunch, family,
coffee and radio controlled cars.

My boyfriend’s extended family have been here this weekend so it’s been a busy time
visiting cousins and aunts and getting to know his sister a bit better. 
I’m not going to lie, I have needed some alone time and went home to shower and
watch Gilmore Girls for a few hours.  Today everyone is gone and it’s just us.  He’s
doing his man things and I’m hosting a party of one New Girl marathon while
browsing pinterest and writing up this post.

So, school.  It’s tomorrow and I feel like I’m going to throw up from nervousness and
the excitement of something new.
I have a few things left to do:
-fill binder with paper
-pack backpack
-sharpen pencils
-pick out my first day of school outfit
-pick up my name tag
-do a quiz (yes I have a quiz to do before I even begin learning)
-make sure I have a coffee and food for the trek

They’re simple things but I am sure I will still feel rushed out the door tomorrow
I don’t have much to say on this lazy Labor day, wish me luck for tomorrow!