The Last Week

by thequietbrunette

It’s the last week before school.

I have all my school supplies, the majority of a Fall wardrobe (I did damage to my bank account at H&M last weekend), and I now own scrubs (not the tv show).

This week will consist of exercise, organizing my disaster of a bedroom, donating clothes, and making my bed.

Here’s the thing, I guess I technically live with my boyfriend but all my belongings are at my parents.  So, I haven’t made my bed in months.  It’s just sheets with a folded blanket on it, not really inviting.  Usually it has a pile of clothes on it as well because I live out a backpack on weekends and come Monday I tend to dump the contents onto my bed and continue on with my routine.

But this week will be my Fall cleaning/organizing week!

I think I’m distracting myself from my anxieties by cleaning.  I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression earlier this year.  To me, anxiety sounds like a made up disease but the heart pounding, the short breath, the sweaty palms all tells me that it is real.

The doctor suggested I take medication.  I did not want to but I held on to the pill bottle for 5 months until finally in July, I broke.  I had to try something.

School is starting soon, I feel like I should be anxious and I’m not.

It’s like I keep telling myself to be nervous and I am, but not like I used to be.


What I am getting at is that this is my last Summer week and I am getting ready for Fall and I am excited but nervous.


Have an excellent week!